LuminousBreeze 28 in. Indoor Walnut Ceiling Fan with LED Light Bulbs with Remote Control Included

$139.00 $169.00

  • Introducing the MODERN HABITAT 28 in. Ceiling Fan Light - Where Style Meets Functionality.Elevate your living space with our versatile 28-in. ceiling fan, meticulously crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while ensuring supreme comfort. Featuring 5 reversible blades with a choice of 3 colors, this fan allows you to effortlessly tailor it to your decor.Reversible Blades: Select from 2 distinctive finishes to effortlessly match your interior style.3 Colors: Enjoy flexibility with 3 blade color options, enabling you to change the look whenever inspiration strikes.Dimmable: Illuminate your space to your desired brightness level with our dimmable lighting feature. Set the mood for relaxation or create a well-lit environment for tasks and activities.6 Speeds: Personalize the airflow to your preference with 6 adjustable fan speeds, ensuring year-round comfort in any climate.The MODERN HABITAT 28 in. Ceiling Fan Light seamlessly blends beauty and utility, making it the perfect addition to any room in your home. Whether you seek a sleek, contemporary upgrade or a timeless, traditional design, our ceiling fan delivers on both style and performance.Experience the ultimate fusion of comfort and elegance with MODERN HABITAT. Elevate your living space today.
    • MODERN HABITAT ceiling fan has a height of 21 in. and a width of 28 in.
    • Low profile mini ceiling fan:5 ABS walnut fan blades bring you an elegant and steady feeling
    • Black and walnut color ceiling fan match can perfectly decorate any scene, either modern or vintage decoration meanwhile, the fan body is designed with unique curves and arcs to give your room a stylish look
    • 3-color temperature and 6-speeds farmhouse ceiling fan with light all operations can be controlled by the remote controller
    • Integrated 16W LED light kit for lower energy consumption longer lifespan can be adjusted in 3 color temperature cool white (6500K) to natural light (4500K) to warm white (3100K) , adjust the fan speed with 6 levels
    • And it supports timing 1-hours / 2-hours /4 -hours sleep shutdown, on/off. Light and speed can be controlled individually
    • Remote control and app control the remote control comes with almost all the functions you need, including 6-speed wind speed, 3-color temperature and endless dimming, 1-hour/2-hour/4-hour hour timing off, separate off lights or fans and so on
    • You can also scan the QR code on the manual, download the APP and pair it to control the fan light from your phone easily adapt to any scene needs, the ideal replacement for traditional fans or chandeliers
    • With a maximum airflow of 4300 CFM Cubic feet per minute this fan is a powerhouse when it comes to cooling and ventilation whether you're seeking relief from scorching summer heat or looking to maintain a comfortable and well-ventilated environment in larger spaces, our fan delivers exceptional performance. Its high CFM rating ensures rapid air circulation, helping you stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days experience the ultimate cooling efficiency with a maximum airflow of 4300 CFM.
    • Device offers 6-speed settings, allowing you to choose the ideal airflow for your comfort you have the freedom to set and control the speed to your preference
    • Additionally, it comes with a timer function that can be set for 2-hours this feature allows you to schedule the device to automatically turn off after a specified period, providing convenience and energy savings
    • Moreover, this device offers 3 color options and stepless dimming you can customize the lighting to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, whether you prefer bright and vibrant or soft and cozy lighting
    • Device features a natural wind mode, which replicates the gentle and soothing breeze of the outdoors
    • Additionally, it operates at an impressively low noise level, emitting only 35 decibels of sound, ensuring a peaceful and quiet environment